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Philips SH50 Series 5000 Shaving Heads

Philips SH50 Series 5000 Shaving Heads
Philips SH50 Series 5000 Shaving Heads


Philips SH50/53 Series 5000 Super Lift & Cut shaving heads for shavers listed below. Get a shave that’s fast and close with the dual-blade Super Lift & Cut cutting action. For optimum performance heads should be replaced every 12 months.

  • Philips SH50 shaving heads for Series 5000, 6000 and PowerTouch models
  • Series 6000:
    S6640, S6620, S6610
  • Series 5000:
    S5620, S5600, S5570, S5420, S5400, S5380, S5340, S5320, S5290, S5230, S5100
  • AquaTouch / PowerTouch / Sensotec:
    AT893, AT890, AT752, PT870 PT860, PT730, PT725, PT724, PT720, PT710, HQ8881, HQ8880, HQ8875, HQ8870, HQ8895, HQ8894, HQ8893, HQ8892, HQ8891, HQ8890, HQ8885, HQ8882, HQ8881, HQ8880, HQ8875, HQ8870, HQ8867, HQ8865, HQ8850, HQ8846, HQ8845, HQ8835, HQ8831, HQ8830, HQ8825, HQ8445, HQ7890, HQ7800, HQ7390, HQ7380, HQ7363, HQ7360, HQ7350, HQ7340, HQ7330, HQ7320, HQ7310, HQ7300, HQ7290, HQ7280, HQ7260, HQ7240, HQ7200, HQ7180, HQ7165, HQ7160, HQ7143, HQ7142
  • Replaces HQ8
  • SH50 Package Contains 3 Individual Heads
  • For best results, Philips recommends replacing the heads every 12 months
  • UPC: 075020051370

Philips SH50/53 Series 5000 Replacement Shaving Heads