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Men's Electric Razors

Men's Electric Razors


Braun shavers are the best selling foil shavers world-wide. They are usually dry-only shavers, but recently they are also offering wet-dry models, that can be used in the shower and are 100% waterproof. Braun was the first shaver manufacturer to offer self-cleaning shavers. Most other shaver companies now offer a similar feature on their premium shavers. Most of Braun's high end shavers are still made in Germany. Braun introduced the brand new Series 9 Pro shavers in November 2021. These shavers feature a 5-element shaving head. You can purchase the 9465cc shaver on the Braun Shavers page. All Braun men's electric shavers come with a 60 day money-back guarantee directly from the manufacturer.
Mercury Shaver Centre is the exclusive service provider for Braun / Oral-B products in Canada.

Panasonic Razors

Panasonic razors provide a full line of wet-dry shavers ranging from the basic entry level razor to the high end models with a 5-blade shaving system and a 14,000 cpm linear motor, the fastest motor on the market. All Panasonic shavers are completely waterproof and can be used dry or in the shower. These electric shavers are usually preferred by customers who have sensitive skin and would prefer to shave using shaving cream or in the shower. Most high-end models are made in Japan. Panasonic offers a 2 year exchange warranty for all men's and women's grooming products. We carry all Panasonic replacement foils and cutters, which can be ordered on the Panasonic Parts page.

Philips Electric Shavers

Philips electric shavers are the best rotary head shavers available. Made in Holland, they offer the rotary head cutting system with lift and cut technology that shaves the whisker below skin level. They are usually designed for world-wide use and accept 100-240 volts. We carry a full selection of Philips Philishave razors. Philips, Braun and Panasonic top of the line razors have lithium-ion batteries that do not develop a memory. All Philips hair removal products for men and women come with a 45 day money-back guarantee directly from the manufacturer.


Remington makes mostly inexpensive rotary and foil shavers for the budget-minded customer. These shavers perform well, but cannot be repaired since only the replacement foils and cutters are available. They would be a good choice for someone purchasing their first shaver.

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