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Philips CC13/53 Quick Clean Pod Cartridges 3-Pack

Philips CC13/53 Cleaning Cartridges
Philips CC13/53 Cleaning Cartridges

CC13 Cartridges
Quick Clean Pod


The Philips CC13/53 Quick Clean Pod cartridges let you enjoy a hygienic shave every day. These cartridges fit the new Quick Clean Pods ONLY!. They are not compatible with the Philips SmartClean System. Each cartridge provides thorough cleaning for 30 cleaning cycles, up to 3 months with weekly usage. The Quick clean method leaves your shaver 10 times times cleaner than using tap water alone. The CC13 cleaning cartridge's pleasant fragrance smells fresh and gives you a clean feel while shaving.

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  • Philips CC13/53 Quick Clean Pod Cartridges
  • 3 cartridges (3x 5.41 fl oz / 3x 160 ml)
  • Each cartridge provides 30 cleaning cycles
  • Superior cleaning for up to 9 month's of weekly use
  • Lubricants for improved shaving performance
  • Effectively eliminates cut hairs with multi-grid filter
  • Alcohol-free, skin friendly solution
  • Compatible with NEW Philips Quick Clean Pod only
  • Effectively keeps your shaver 10 times cleaner than water alone
  • UPC: 075020095718

Philips 13/53 Quick Clean Pod Cleaning Cartridges - 3 Pack