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Panasonic ES-LV67 5-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV67 5-Blade Shaver
Panasonic ES-LV67 5-Blade Shaver


The Panasonic ES-LV67 is a responsive shaver for a gentle, close shave. This shaver automatically adjusts shaving power according to the density of your beard for a personalized shave. The 30 degree Nano-polished blades cut at the base of the hair for an extremely close shave, wet or dry. Multi-flex 16D head moves in 16 directions independently and follows the contours of the face and neck easily to reduce the number of strokes required to shave even flat-lying hair. A fast 14,000 cpm linear motor ensures constant power while shaving. Made in Japan.

  • Panasonic ES-LV67 - 5 blade cutting system
  • Multi-flex 16D head
  • 14,000 CPM high speed linear motor
  • Automatic stubble sensor adjusts to various thickness of hair
  • Use dry or wet, with shaving cream, or in the shower
  • 30° Sharpest Inner Blade for closest shave possible
  • Premium multi-LED indicator displays charging information
  • Pop-up trimmer with 45° trimmer blades for pre-shave trimming
  • Li-ion no memory battery
  • 1 hour charge time and 5 minute quick charge feature
  • Soft travel case for shaver
  • Made in Japan
  • Universal voltage (120-240V)
  • 2 year manufacturer's exchange warranty
  • UPC: 885170364288
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Panasonic ES-LV67 Five Blade Multi-Flex 16D Responsive Shaver