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Panasonic EP-MAG3 Real Pro Ultra Prestige Massage Chair

Panasonic Massage Chair EPMAG3 Black
Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MAG3 Black

EP-MAG3 Front ViewEP-MAG3 Front View

EP-MAG3 Remote ControllerEP-MAG3 Remote Controller
EP-MAG3 Fully ReclinedEP-MAG3 Fully Reclined


Panasonic massage chair EP-MAG3 Real Pro Ultra Prestige with advanced 3D heated massage system for an amazing massage experience in the comfort of your own home. The 3D Massage System simulates the warm, soothing hands of a professional masseuse and accurately replicates multiple professional massage techniques. The rollers are able to move up and down, left to right, and front to back. Ultra Prestige design with high quality synthetic leather, removable quilted back cushion and a reversible ottoman. The automatic intensity sensor intelligently adjusts applied pressure for maximum comfort. The EP-MAG3 features a 4 head massage block with heated foot massage. Massage techniques include Ultra Knead, Shiatsu, Knead, Swedish, Rolling and Tapping. Design your own program for a total body relaxation experience.

  • Panasonic EP-MAG3 Real Pro Ultra Prestige full body massage chair
  • Advanced massage system with 3D heated massage block & foot roller
  • Thermal massage heads provide warmth and comfort
  • 3D techniques enable up-down, right-left, and back-front 3D movements for a professional experience
  • 3D massage technology and full body airbag system expertly re-creates professional stretching techniques which promotes relaxation and flexibility
  • 4 Air massage programs: Shoulder, Hand / Arm, Lower Back, Leg/Foot
  • 4 Stretch Programs: Neck, Chest, Hip, Leg
  • 5 Manual Programs: Neck, Shoulder, Middle Back, Lower Back, Full Back
  • 6 Auto Programs: Swedish, Deep, Shiatsu, Stretch, Neck / Shoulders, Lower Back
  • 32 Air Bags for Massage and Stretch: Foot/Leg, Shoulder, Chest, Arm, Hand, Pelvis
  • Massage Techniques: Ultra Knead, Knead, Shiatsu, Swedish, Rolling, Tapping
  • Ultra Prestige Design: High quality synthetic leather (Available in Black or Brown)
  • Reversible, extendable ottoman
  • Removable, quilted back cushion
  • Easy to use controller with voice guidance system
  • Manual control with variable intensity
  • NEW! Shiatsu heated foot massage
  • NEW! Palm & arm massage
  • 33 Airbags for upper body massage: Shoulders, arms, hands
    Lower Body Stretch and Massage: Glutes, hips, legs, feet
  • Choose from over 100 combinations including 3D
  • Armrest adjusts automatically as you recline
  • Ottoman extends up to 18 cm to accommodate different heights
  • Maximum user weight 265 lbs
  • Dimensions Not reclined: Approx. H 115 cm × W 90 cm × D 122 cm
  • Dimensions reclined: Approx. H 66 cm × W 90 cm × D 202 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 87 kg
  • Canada-Wide Warranty: 5 Years Parts and Labour
  • UPC: 885170425866

Panasonic EP-MAG3 Deluxe Real-Pro Ultra Prestige Massage Chair