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Braun is the leading manufacturer of men's and women's personal care products. We offer the complete line-up of Braun electric shavers, beard trimmers, personal groomers, lady shavers and epilators. We also have all available replacement parts, shaving heads, charging cords, clean and renew stations, cleaning solutions and brushes.

The Top of the Line Braun shaver this year is the updated Series 9. The new Series 9 has a 20% longer running time than previous models. The 9376cc with the automatic clean & charge station that makes taking care of your shaver a breeze, and the 9293s without the cleaning station. These premium shavers are designed with the world's strongest Sonic Technology, shaving more hairs in one stroke than any other shaver.

The Series 7 was Braun's Top of the Line for several years and is an excellent choice for someone who finds the four-blade shaver heads a little wide for their taste. The Series 7 also comes in two models, the 7071cc with the cleaning station and the 7020s without the cleaning station. The Series 7 shavers use smart AutoSense technology which checks the thickness of your beard and supplies extra power when needed to ensure a close and comfortable shave, wet or dry.

Braun's most popular personal trimmer is the MGK3080 9 in 1 trimming kit. It is for wet and dry use, perfect for face and hair styling and body grooming. Can be used in the shower or rinsed under the tap for easy clean up.

For women, Braun offers an extensive line-up of epilators, shavers, IPL Laser hair removal and facial brushes. The PL5137 Silk-expert Pro 5 IPL delivers permanent hair reduction. The IPL delivers 400,000 flashes and continuously checks skin tone.

The Top of the Line Silk Epil Epilator this year is the Silk Epil 9 9890. It uses pressure sensor technology to guide your epilation and the extra-wide epilation head has longer, deeper tweezers to remove more hair per stroke.

Braun's new FaceSpa Pro 911 is a Facial Epilator and Cleansing Brush in one unit. It precisely removes hairs from chin, upper lip, forehead and eyebrows, leaving smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. MicroVibration Facial Brush can be used with your favourite creams or serums.

We carry Braun Oral-B toothbrushes and replacement brush heads. If you have questions or warranty issues, please contact us at

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