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Braun 81697108 EasyClick Body Groomer Attachment with 2 Guide Combs

Braun Body Groomer Attachment
Braun Body Groomer Attachment


Braun EasyClick body groomer attachment turns your Braun shaver into a body groomer. 2 guide combs for overall body grooming. Trimmer and combs are fully washable for easy cleaning.

  • Braun 81697108 Body Groomer attachment
  • For Series 7,6,5 Series manufactured after 2019
  • 2 guide combs (Sensitive plus 3mm comb)
  • Models: 7071cc, 7020s, 6072cc, 6020, 5050cs, 5018 ONLY
  • Type: 5764, 5762
  • UPC: 069055887097

Braun EasyClick Body Groomer Attachment 81697108 for New Series 7,6,5 Shavers