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Braun 94M S9 Pro Shaving Cassette for all Series 9 Shavers

Braun 92s Shaving Cassette
Braun 94M Series 9 Pro Shaving Cassette


Braun 94M shaving cassette (silver) for shaver models listed below. This 5-Element shaving cassette fits ALL Braun Series 9 shavers. Within 18 months of daily use, your Braun shaver cuts an average of 6,000,000 hairs. During this time the cutting parts will gradually wear out and you will notice a reduction in performance and comfort. To maintain the high performance level of your Braun shaver, the shaving head should be replaced within 18 months.

  • Braun 94M shaving cassette for all Series 9 shavers
  • Models: 9477cc, 9465cc, 9395cc, 9385cc, 9376cc, 9330s, 9320s, 9299s, 9297cc, 9296cc, 9295cc, 9293s, 9292cc, 9291cc, 9290cc, 9280cc, 9260s, 9250cc, 9242s, 9240s, 9095cc, 9093s, 9090cc, 9080cc, 9075cc, 9070cc, 9050cc, 9040s, 9030s
  • Type: 5793, 5791, 5790
  • Shaving cassette should be changed every 18 months
  • Made in Germany
  • UPC: 069055889753

Braun 94M Series 9 Pro Shaving Cassette - Silver