Testimonials - Customer Feedback (unsolicited)

At Mercury Shaver Centre we pride ourselves on providing quality products and excellent customer service both in-store and on-line. We have been fortunate to receive many complimentary e-mails from our valued customers.
Below are some examples...

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  • "Thank you for the update. It is always a pleasure doing business with your company, because of your courtesy, your sensitivity to privacy, and your personal touch."
    -- Steve L.  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • "What a great deal I got from you on my shaver repair. Great service, my shaver is like new, and for a great price. I am grateful for your quality work and for providing a good product at a reasonable price."
    -- Paul C.  Coppell, Texas

  • "I am currently deployed overseas and it is hard to come by some supplies. I have never had an internet company try this hard to fulfill an order. Thank you and your company for the attention"
    -- Eric M.  San Diego, California

  • "Thanks for the great service. I have received my parts and I appreciate the speed of service."
    -- Fred R.  Edinburgh, Indiana

  • "I received the replacement shaver today and thank you. It is happily charging at this moment. Thank you again for backing up your products so well. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
    -- Linda M.  Hemet, California

  • "My order arrived today, just as requested. I would like to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. (I particulary liked your website's emphasis on your "privacy policy" concerning sale of e-mail addresses, etc.) Thank you again."
    -- Anthony B.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • "My repaired Norelco shaver arrived today. It's nice to have it back, just doesn't feel right shaving with something else. Thank you!"
    -- Michael F.  Chicago, Illinois

  • "The quest for a Norelco 8150 is completed! I will have to recommend your business to others, too!"
    -- Scott N. Lutherville, Maryland

  • "Thanks for the great service! One is always a little edgy when ordering from a new company, let alone over the net!! I ordered a Braun shaver and it arrived today just as you said it would. Thanks for the great service!!"
    -- Robert D.  Minnetonka, Minnesota

  • "Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt shipping of my items, everything turned out perfect... I will shop again soon!"
    -- John J. Glendale, California

  • "Thanks so much - my skin truly appreciates you since blades and I were not meant to be..."
    -- Michael L.  New York, New York

  • "I am very impressed with the quality of your customer care. I will recommend your business to friends..."
    -- Sinisha P.  Carlsbad, California

  • "The shipment arrived yesterday. Thanks for the superfast delivery."
    -- Kevin L.  Aurora, Ontario

  • "Thank you for assisting me in a very helpful and timely manner! It is so unusual anymore to receive personal service, and kind service at that, without responding to an endless list of prompts generated by an automated answering service... Even more unusual is your very considerate follow up service... Be assured I will do business with you again and I will highly recommend you to others."
    -- Richard H.  Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • "Thanks! Your customer service is excellent!"
    -- Bob C.  Belvidere, Illinois

  • "Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter, the Panasonic shaver and parts have arrived safely today."
    -- Catherine B. Dungon, Australia

  • "Thanks very much for your quick warranty replacement service on the Panasonic shaver charger."
    -- Sharon R.  Tiverton, Rhode Island

  • "Thank you, great product (Remington Beard Trimmer) and great service!"
    -- Mark N.  Elgin, Illinois

  • "I really appreciate all your help in getting the correct Panasonic shaver parts to me. You do a great job. It's nice to get such prompt and helpful assistance."
    -- Pat K.  Milton, Massachusetts

  • "It is nice to do business with an honest company that recognizes their customers' concerns."
    -- Ted L.  Lafayette, California

  • "Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my Braun shaver and the great price."
    -- Anthony H.  Marsfield, New South Wales, Australia

  • "The razor has arrived, been charged and gratefully used today. Thanks so much for the wonderful service."
    -- Roger S.  North Potomac, Massachusetts

  • "Thank you for combining my orders to save me shipping costs!"
    -- Gary S.  San Antonia, Texas

  • "Just wanted to let you know I received the Panasonic charger and it's working well. Great Service!!"
    -- Joshua S.  Boston, Massachusetts

  • "Many thanks for forwarding the shaver so well packed. I got it yesterday and used it for the first time this morning!"
    -- Ian B.  Romsey, England

  • "Your honesty and your professionalism is very much appreciated. I am very happy with my decision about the Philips 9160"
    -- Tony L. Vancouver, British Columbia

  • "Remington Shaver Parts received. Thank you for your prompt service."
    -- Walter K.  Hong Kong, China

  • "I always appreciate your outstanding service."
    -- Robin R.  Titusville, Florida

  • "Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of my (Remington) razor. I am very pleased with it. I look forward to doing future business with you."
    -- Gordon R.  Boissevain, Manitoba

  • "Thank you so much for my Braun Activator. It is always a pleasure working with you."
    -- Lindley H.  Playa del Rey, California

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery of the Philips hair trimmer and excellent, courteous service. Package arrived today as promised."
    -- Richard K.  Los Angeles, California

  • " Thank you so much for overnighting the shaver to me, it was above and beyond, and will make my son very happy..."
    --Karen M. Bothwell, Washington

  • "Hi. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the service you have provided. My order arrived promptly this afternoon. It was in excellent condition, packed well and all parts of the order were complete. I try to let people know when I have a good experience shopping online... I will be ordering with you again. I'll also be recommending you to friends."
    -- Dennis W.  Keswick, Ontario

  • "We have received the shaver part today - it has been fixed to the shaver and has already been used by my father - he only likes that model and he has had it for years!! Thank you so much for your prompt service which is truly appreciated."
    -- Christine W.  Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • "Thanks for your message. The fast and courteous service is much appreciated."
    -- Scott W.  Collingwood, Ontario

  • "Communications is everything. You have turned a disgruntled fellow into a very happy customer, thanks to your ability to explain the shortcomings of your supplier. Thanks again!"
    -- Wilfried W.  Huntsville, Ontario

  • "My only question is... How do you work so fast???"
    -- Louis D.  Belleville, Ontario

  • "That was fast! Thank you very much and have a blessed holiday season!"
    -- Linda R.  Antioch, California

  • "It is hard to believe that you folks do business the "old fashioned way" with speedy delivery, incredible service, selection, diligence and beat all prices! It's too bad all the other online resellers can't follow your example. It would put a different spin on the way we look at internet vendors. Thank you."
    -- Leslie G.  San Diego, California

  • "I got the shaver cord in the mail yesterday. Works just fine. Many thanks to you and your organization. I will keep you in mind for anything else I might need. Thank you."
    -- Rio D.G.  Vallejo, California

  • "Just received my new (Braun) 7680 and had an awesome close shave just like the one from a barber's razor! Thanks for the prompt shipping of my order."
    -- Larry F.  North York, Ontario

  • "Thank you very much for the quick and kind service. I received the shaver three days after you took the order and I am extremely happy. Thank God for the internet or I never would have found your company.
    I have passed your company's information to several friends, whom I suspect will be placing orders very soon, now that they have seen my awesome shaver!!"
    -- James R.  Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • "I received my razor today and I have to tell you, I am very impressed. You are to be commended for your services and turn around time.
    Thank you for saving me money."
    -- Dan K.  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • "Hello Hans. I received the shaver yesterday (just before Christmas) That shaver is a work of art!!!... Beautiful looking and amazingly comfortable.
    Best money I ever spent on my face!
    Thanks for the GREAT service and pricing!!!
    You will be recommended to all my friends!!"
    -- Jack K.  Houston, Texas

  • "Got the shavers and they are great. Thanks for your excellent customer service. I would gladly recommend your company to others"
    -- Randall H.  Darien, Connecticut

  • "Dear Hans. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. I had less trouble ordering from Canada than I did from one place in the US."
    -- Holly P.  Lowell, Massachusetts

  • "Just wanted to say THANKS for doing such a great job on my shaver. It's better than new! I will tell my friends about you."
    -- David D.  Los Angeles, California

  • "I just received my Braun 7570. What service! Ordered it on Sunday and it is here on Thursday from Canada all the way to Boston. Great service, I am very happy. Thanks again."
    -- Dan M.  South Boston, Massachusetts

  • "Hi Hans, I got my foil. It was the right part, right color, it arrived before you said it would. Your web site was easy to navigate, security was obvious. It has been a pleasure to do business with you!
    Thanks for a job well done."
    -- Scott E.  Nashville, Tennessee

  • "I just ordered some cleaning cartridges for my Braun Syncro System shaver over this last weekend. The item was sent out on Monday and much to my delight, delivered to me yesterday.
    I would just like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I was with the promptness of my order being delivered.
    Also I would like to compliment you on your prices, which I found reasonable, and your professionalism, which I found refreshing.
    I feel that your company is practically a model for all internet business to go by. Thank you very much. From now on, I am sure to come to you with all my shaver's needs."
    -- Adam K.  Syracuse, New York

  • "Gentlemen - your service is fantastic.
    I ordered the shaver on Thursday and it arrived here today. (Monday) I have used a Sunbeam for 50 years, and found out today that there is no comparison to the shave afforded by the Philips, which is almost as close as a wet shave and a lot more comfortable."
    -- Ken M.  Point Claire, Quebec

  • "Dear Hans
    I received my razor today and I'm very pleased with your product. Thanks so much for your help with my choice. You were a pleasure to do business with.
    All the best of luck with your excellent company."
    -- Ben M.  Sammamish, Washington

  • "Thanks for the fabulous service. I ordered my shaver on Monday, received it on Wednesday, had a great shave today. All online merchants should be as efficient as you. It was easier than buying at a store"
    -- Cameron M.  Toronto, Ontario

  • "I have already received the Braun Syncro 7570 that I ordered about a week ago. It works like a charm. Thanks a lot for the UPS tracking number and your awesome service."
    -- Joseph T.  Corvallis, Oregon

  • "Hans, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order this morning and I would like to congratulate you on your tremendous service!"
    -- Virginia S.  Mississauga, Ontario

  • "Hi, I received my order. Thank you.
    Excellent service, excellent product and the best price. Awesome."
    -- Eric V.  Chester, New York

  • "Hans, good news. The shaver arrived in perfect shape. Maybe you should use Canada Post more often! Well done. You've done a splendid job and I am very happy. If you need a reference for anyone in Australia planning to buy something from you, I am happy to help out."
    -- Paul C.  Sydney, Australia

  • "Thank you for keeping me informed regarding my order. I must say that I am very impressed with your level of customer service and quick responses to questions.
    More online retailers should follow your example."
    -- Jerry J.  Bakersfield, California

  • "Thanks Hans! I received my shaver today in perfect condition and very fast shipping.
    Great service. I will recommend your business to all."
    -- Michael H.  Winnipega, Manitoba

  • "I received the Braun 7570 and can't say enough good things about it. Thanks, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. "
    -- Adam B.  New Orleans, Louisiana

  • "Hans, thanks for all your help.
    I am very pleased with your service and I will be telling everyone about the great deal I got on this shaver and hope to send a few friends your way soon. Best regards."
    -- Shawn M.  Powell, Ohio

  • "Received the shaver today. Fantastic service.
    Thank you."
    -- Perry M.  Whitewood, Saskatchewan

  • "Thank you for the prompt attention in processing my order. It is refreshing to do business with a company that is so consumer oriented."
    -- Dianne F.  Collegeville, Pennsylvania

  • "Hi Hans, I received the shaver today.
    Great shaver, thanks very much, it was a pleasure doing business."
    -- Chris H.  Shelbourne, Ontario

  • "Thank you for the wonderful customer service."
    -- Michael F.  Brooklyn, New York

  • "FANTASTIC SERVICE..you are definitely on my recommended sites list!"
    -- Steve M.  Phoenix, Arizona

  • "Received my shaver. It shaves so fine. My cheeks feel like a baby's butt! I love it. Thanks for keeping me up to date so well. "
    -- William W.  Gibsonville, North Carolina

  • "I just want to say how impressed I am with your website, your ease of ordering and great prices. I ordered the Braun 7570 at an incredible saving of 40% over another online retailer. Thank you."
    -- Ben C.  Keswick, Virginia

  • "The eagle has landed, the razor came today via UPS. Fabulous. It was like driving an old Porsche. Again many many many thanks for the e mails, the great service and ultimately the repair job on my razor."
    -- Dan M.  Baltimore, Maryland

  • "Shaver received today. Thanks for your professionalism."
    -- Don D.  Danville, California

  • "Thank you for explaining what was wrong with my Braun shaver and how to fix it. It works correctly now. Rest assured I will be buying a new shaver within the next year and it will be from you. Once again, thank you for your quality service and help."
    -- Ronnie B.  Nashville, Tennessee

  • "I received the shaver yesterday. Thank you for your prompt, courteous and efficient service."
    -- Linda C.  Secaucus, New Jersey

  • "Thank you so much for shipping out the items so fast. I'll definitely recommend your business to the people that I know."
    -- Dandan Z.  Round Rock, Texas

  • "Received the shaver yesterday in perfect shape.
    Thank you for your quick, excellent service.
    If I like the shaver, you'll be hearing from my friends."
    -- Del L.  Longmont, Colorado

  • "Thank you so much for your response. It is great to deal with a company the responds so quickly."
    -- Wanda R.  Tampa, Florida