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Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of electric shaver should I buy?

This is the most common question we are asked. Since only you can decide which shaver works best for your face and beard, Braun and Philips provide a generous Money Back Guarantee. This lets you try a shaver for several weeks at no risk. If you don't adjust to the new shaver, you send it back to the manufacturer for a full refund.

If you have never used an electric shaver before, the place to start would be whether or not you have sensitive skin or a heavy beard. If you have sensitive skin, you might try one of the Philips, Braun or Panasonic wet/dry shavers, this would give you the opportunity to try shaving wet with gel or shaving cream to minimize irritation. If you have a heavy beard, you could try the top-of-the-line Braun, Philips or Panasonic electric razors which have motors designed to deal with dense beards.

Whichever shaver you choose, your face and beard may require several weeks to adjust to the new system. The Money Back Guarantee on the Braun and Philips shavers allows for plenty of time for sensitive skin to settle down with a new cutting method.

If you have used an electric shaver before, were you happy with the performance? If so, then we suggest you stay with the shaving system that has been working for you. For example, don't switch from a foil system Braun shaver to a Philips rotary shaver if you were happy with the foil shave. If, however, you were unhappy with the electric shaver you tried, you should try the other system or another brand to see if you are able to find the right shaver for your face and whiskers. If you are unsure which shaver to try, please call us.

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What is the advantage of having a Cleaning Station?

A cleaning and charging station is a base into which you put your shaver after you have shaved. The station then automatically cleans and recharges the shaver. A cleaning station can be a lifesaver when maintaining your shaver if perhaps you have shaky hands or vision trouble. Keeping a shaver clean and lubricated is the best way to extend the life of your parts. It also ensures that you get as close to an "as new" shave as possible every day. The cost of the cleaning solution for the various cleaning centers runs around $10 a month, but pays you back in the long run by extending the life of your screens and cutters. If, however, you are in the habit of cleaning or rinsing your shaver every day after you use it, the cleaning centre would be only a convenience and might not be worth the extra maintenance cost.

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How much does it cost to maintain my electric shaver?

When to change your shaver heads is a judgment call. For foil/screen shavers you should change the screens and cutters every 12 to 18 months. The replacement parts cost varies with the model of the shaver. In many cases manufacturers have discontinued selling the foils and cutters separately, they recommend changing both at the same time. A set of Braun or Panasonic screen and cutters range in price from $30 to $80 (depending on the shaving system). Rotary head shavers generally require fewer replacements of the shaver heads and may be slightly more economical to use. Philips rotary shaving heads will last 12 to 18 months if kept clean and lubricated. They range in price from $30 to $70 for the set.

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What's the difference between cordless and cord/cordless?

Cordless electric shavers work only when the batteries are charged. The Cord/cordless designation indicates that the shaver can be plugged in and used whether or not the batteries are charged. For safety reasons, shavers that are described as wet-dry are always rechargeable only. They can be used in the shower and will not run with the charging cord plugged in.

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Why does my shaver foil wear out so quickly?

If your screens are wearing out more quickly than the expected 12 to 18 months suggested by the manufacturers, you are probably (1) pressing the shaver against your face too hard in trying to get a better shave or (2) not keeping the screens and cutters clean enough. You will get a better shave if you pass the shaver very lightly across the face. Pressing harder just pushes the cutters against the foil and wears out both parts. The shaver should be cleaned every time it is used for best performance.

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How often should I change the screens and cutters?

The manufacturers suggest that you should replace your screens and cutters roughly every 12 to 18 months depending on how clean you keep your shaver and how heavy your beard is. If you feel that you are wanting to push harder or are making more passes across your face than usual or the shaver is pulling your whiskers, your cutters may be worn out.

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What is the difference between Trimmers, Clippers, and Groomers?


If you need to trim your beard or clean up your haircut between barber visits, you can choose a good home quality trimmer with pre-set precision length settings. Philips has a model with a built in vacuum which makes cleaning up much quicker. Wahl has Professional Salon quality cordless trimmers and European made units, some designed for shorter lengths and those which are better for longer length cuts.

Hair Clippers

Clippers have come a long way in the past few years, Remington has a very popular home kit for cutting your own hair. It easily pays for itself after just a few hair cuts. If you want to shave your head completely bald, Wahl has a clipper with a "000000" no overlap blade which cuts closer to the skin than any other electric clipper. There are Wahl Professional Salon quality cordless clippers which are effective tools if you want to do haircuts or trims for the family. Wahl also has a small, light, corded model which is also great for home haircuts and cleaning up between haircuts.


When you need to trim body hair, you need one of the grooming kits. Braun has a 9 in 1 kit which provides head to toe grooming. Panasonic offers a body groomer with a wedge shaped head ideal for your groin area as well as full body grooming. Philips also has a Body Groomer which gives a full body shave and has an extra long handle for your back and shoulders. Nose and Ear trimmers are included in this category, with several models on offer. No matter your grooming needs, there is sure to be a Groomer perfect for the job.

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F.A.Q.'s About Electric Shavers, Trimmers, & Shaving

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