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We sell only genuine Norelco / Philips razor parts

We sell shaver replacement heads, electric razor parts for Norelco / Philips
  • Series 9000 Series with RQ12+ V-Track shaving system
  • SensoTouch 3D, 2D models with replaceable shaving unit
  • Arcitec models with replaceable shaving unit RQ10
  • Smart Touch XL, Speed XL heads with 50% more cutting surface
  • Spectra, Sensotec 8000 series shavers with adjustable sensitivity controls
  • 6000 series Super Reflex Action, 5000 series Reflex Action shaving system shavers
  • 4000 series Micro Action, 3000 Double Action lift and cut shaving system shavers
Series 9000 V-Track SensoTouch 3D
Shaver Type Model / Type Number Item Number Price US$

Series 9000
Series 9000

Series 9000 SensoTouch 3D
S9721, S9531, S9311

SH90 set of 3 Replacement Heads


SH90 V-Track
SH90 V-Track
Heads Only

Your Price: $49.95

SensoTouch 3D, Arcitec

Series 9000 - SensoTouch 3D
Series 9000
SensoTouch 3D

Series 9000, SensoTouch 3D
1290X, 1280XCC, 1260X, 1250X, 1250XCC

RQ12+ Complete Shaving Head Assembly

RQ12+ Head Assembly

Complete Head

Your Price: $62.95

SensoTouch 2D

SensoTouch 2D
SensoTouch 2D

SensoTouch 2D
1180X, 1160X, 1160XCC, 1150X


Your Price: $44.95


Philips-Norelco Arcitec
Philips-Norelco Arcitec

1090X, 1060X, 1050X, 1050CC

RQ1095, RQ1076, RQ1090, RQ1060
RQ1050, RQ1050CC


Replaced by RQ12+


Philips-Norelco CoolSkin
Philips-Norelco CoolSkin

8020X, 8040X, 8060X, HS8015
HS8020, HS8023, HS8040, HS8060
HS8420, HS8440, HS8460

HS85 Shaving Head
HS85 Shaving Head

Smart Touch XL / Speed XL

Norelco TripleTrack
Norelco TripleTrack

Smart Touch XL / Speed XL
9190XL, 9170XL, 9170XLCC, 9160XL
8170XL, 8170XLCC, 8160XLCC, 8151XL
8150XL, 8140XL
and all "Smart TouchXL - Speed XL"

Smart Touch XL / Speed XL
HQ9190CC, HQ9170, HQ9160, HQ9140
HQ9100, HQ9090, HQ9080, HQ9070
HQ9020, HQ8170, HQ8160, HQ8150
HQ98140, HQ8100
and all "Smart Touch XL - Speed XL"

HQ9 TripleTrack

Your Price: $43.95


Dual Precision Shavers
Dual Precision

8895XL, 8894XL, 8892XL, 8890XL, 8883XL
8881XL, 8880XL, 8867XL, 8865XL, 8846XL
8845XL, 8831XL, 8825XL, 7260XL, 7250XL
7240XL, 7183XL, 7180XL, 7145XL, 7140XL
7120XL, 7115XL, 7110XL

HQ8894, HQ8885, HQ8875, HQ8865
HQ8845, HQ8825, HQ8445

CoolSkin models:
7775X, 7773X, 7745X, 7735X
HQ7780, HQ7760, HQ7742, HQ7740

HQ8 Dual Precision
SH50 - HQ8
Dual Precision

Your Price: $31.95

Super Reflex Lift & Cut Action

Super Reflex Lift & Cut
Super Reflex
Lift & Cut
Super reflex
6863XL, 6856L, 6853XL, 6844XL, 6843XL
6618XL, 6617XL, 6615XL, 6614XL, 6613X
6424LC, 6423LC, 985RX, 968RX, 965RX
955RX, 950RX, 945RX, 935RX, 915RX
905RX, 900RX, 895RX, 885RX, 875RX
850RX, 835RX, 825RX, 815RX, 805RX
800RX, 750RL, 725RL, 720RL, 715RL
710RL, 705RL, 700RL, 5625X, 5426LC
4885XL, 4865XL, 4853XL, 4852XL
4845XL, 4825XL, 4821XL, 4817XL
4816XL, 4807XL, 4805XL, 4625X
4608X, 4707X, 4606X, 4605X, 4604X
4603X, 4602X, 4601X, 4417LC, 4414LC
4413LC, 4406LC, 4404LC, 4403LC
4402LC, 4401LC, 3865XL, 3805XL
3801XL, 3605X, 3604X, 3601X, 3405LC
HP1608, HP1606, HP1605, HP1604
HP1602 HP1601, HP1337, HP1328
HP1327, HP1319, HP1318

HQ6879, HQ6874, HQ6868, HQ6863
HQ6859, HQ6853, HQ6849, HQ6843
HQ6842, HQ6831, HQ6613, HQ6605
HQ6445, HQ6423, HQ6415, HQ6405

HQ56 Super Reflex
Super Reflex
Your Price: $29.95

We only sell genuine Philips original replacement shaver parts, which are identical to the Norelco version.
They are manufactured by Philips Electronics, and marketed in the United States under the "Norelco" brand.

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